Rockman Legend (2014)

The Story

A long time ago, a man known as Rockman brought a huge rock from the bottom of Revsvatnet all the way to Kjerag. The tale says he was on his way into Lysebotn when he suddenly came across a huge crack in the mountain, too big to jump. Rockman recalled the holy rock close to Revsvatnet which he thought could be the top of a rock at suitable size. So he went back. In the desire to bring the rock across the fjord he climbed the rocky path up to Preikestolen to gain some height. He desperately threw the rock towards Kjerag. The ground shivered in thunder as the rock smashed into the misty fjord shores of Brattli, but still far from Kjerag. Rockman ran in anger down to the fjord and reunited with his precious rock. Nearly drowning, he swam across with the rock tied to a rope. After climbing another 1000m up the mountain at Flørli, a furious Rockman finally made it to Kjerag. He threw the rock down into the crack in which it made a perfect bridge. Satisfied but without a smile, the journey of the legend continued.

The Rockman Legend Race

  • 14 swims, 6 km in total
  • 14 runs, 50 km in total
  • 3000 m elevation gain
  • Pulpit Rock @ 604 m
  • Flørli Stairs 4444 steps
  • Kjerag Bolt @ 1000 m

The Rockman racers will follow the path of the Rockman legend that, according to the local myth, brought the Kjerag bolt from the foot of Preikestolen to the Kjerag crack.

The Rockman started with a swim at Preikestolen mountain lodge and continued to the first rock of the test, the Pulpit rock, where the Rockmen will turned around and ran a rocky climb back down into the fjord. At these shores the soon to be born Rockmen performed a swim leg along the fjord, before running along a nice path and cutting down to the fjord again. The longest swim leg continues for 1.7 km to cross the fjord. The ascent from the cold fjord waters doesn’t give hope for rest when the Rockmen needs to continue the ascent with 4444 steps to the sky (750 m). This is the beginning of the long stride through a rocky path towards the second rock. A scenic view awaited the Rockmen as they approach the second highlight of the race, Kjerag (1000 m).

The Rockmen then continued the race along to the mountain ridge that gave a spectacular view of the fjord, 1000 meters below. Towards the finish line at Øygardstøl (640 m), the finishers was approaching to be entitled certified Rockmen.

Photos by Matti Rapila Andersson