Rockman Begins (2015)


The Story of Rockman begins in ages past of a man that emerged from Fantahålå  where he lived a solitary life. One day, as Rockman ventured toward the water’s edge he saw a girl. At first he was cautious and hid from view. She seemed distressed and was frantically gathering rocks.

As she stood, she turned and faced Rockman, he was stunned. His heart swelled as he gazed on her beauty, he was overwhelmed by an emotion he had never before experienced. He followed the girl in hast as she ran up the hill towards Revs Lake where he was met by the horrific sight of the girl’s village being attacked by a gigantic sea creature. The fearless girl approached the creature and began throwing the rocks to attract its attention. The creature fixed its eyes on the girl and as it did she reached for a long sharp shaft without breaking her stare with the creature. She was ready to fight.

Rockman stood amazed at the actions of this beautiful and valiant girl. Suddenly his attention was drawn toward an enormous shimmering rock, he sensed immediately that there were other worldly powers possessed within this magnificent stone! Rockman hoisted the great stone, to his amazement it felt weightless in his arms.
Without thinking he started running towards the hideous sea creature as it was only moments from bringing its wrath down upon the woman of his dreams.

THE Rockman Begins Race

  • 10 swims, 6 km in total
  • 10 runs, 35 km in total
  • 2800 m elevation gain
  • Fantahålå @ 0 m
  • Pulpit Rock @ 604 m
  • Flørli Stairs 4444 steps

Rockman Begins starts with a narrow fjord swim from Fantahålå to the shore where the climb to Revsvatnet where Rockman loved to swim. From Preikestolen mountain lodge continues the journey to the first rock of the test, Preikestolen, where the athletes will turn around and run a rocky climb back down into the fjord. At these shores, the soon to be born Rockmen will perform a swim leg along the fjord before running along a nice path and cutting down to the fjord again. The longest swim leg continues for 1.7 km across the fjord. The ascent from the cold fjord waters doesn’t give hope for rest when the Rockmen needs to continue the journey with 4444 steps to the sky (750 m in 1 km).  It doesn't stop here, because  the high mountain platau needs to be reached. Rockman went here to get a view reaching all the way home. 

Now the way down starts around Troppekosknuten that brings out cold final swims and green and open landscapes. The trip down is tough, but a proper Rockman does not give up before reaching Flørli.

Photos by Matti Rapila Andersson