Spectator Package

The spectator package will give you the best solution to follow the athletes. You will see the participants as they run and swim along the fjord and when they cross the finish line.


Adults (13 year or older) €100

Children (3-12) €50

Kids (<2 years) €10

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The 2020 Spectator Package Includes:

  • Coffee and tea onboard

  • Course map

  • Live leaderboard and split times on screens on the boat (dependent on network availability)

  • Full day cruise in the worlds most beautiful(?) fjord

  • Possibility to walk the infamous Flørli stairs with 4444 steps, the longest wooden stairs in the world.

The spectator package is the only way to both follow the athletes along the course and to join them at the finish and Race Base in Flørli. The only other way to reach Flørli on Saturdays is by your own boat or by the regular tourist sightseeing ferry. See more details at bottom of page.

At Flørli you can buy yourself a meal and drinks from their restaurant.

Spectator Schedule 8th of August

09:15: Departure from Strandkaien in downtown Stavanger together with short course athletes. You will be passing by "Fantahåla" where the start of the long course was held a few hours earlier and continue pass the famous Preikestolen viewed from the fjord.

10:45-11:00:  A short stop at Brattli where you can cheer on the Rockmen doing the long course as they jump in the water for the 2nd fjord swim to Bakken kai.

11:15 You see the short course athletes ferry jump start, after this you will cheer on them and the first long course athletes as they will swim to Bakken Kai.

11:15-11:45: Follow athletes along the 2nd fjord swim on the long course from Bratteli to Bakken and along the extreme shore side run from Bakken to Songesand, all while enjoying your 12 o'clock coffee or tea.

11:45-12:30: Boat will stop at Songesand quay while teams pass by Songesand checkpoint. It is an energy station here with great atmosphere. 1st team will pass by sometime around 12:00. A great place to have your lunch at (remember to bring a lunch or you can buy food on the ferry).

12:40-12:55: Watch athletes enter the water at Kåseklubben for the fjord crossing swim to Flørli

13:00: Arrive to Flørli Racecamp

13:30-16:10: Teams will be passing through Flørli checkpoint and begin there climb up the Flørli stairs.

14:00-20:30: Teams finishing in Flørli

19:00: Prize ceremony in Flørli

20:00: Ferry departuring Flørli

21:30: Arrival Stavanger

22:00: You are invited to join the Rockman Legends Party in Stavanger City along with athletes and volunteers. Tickets for this buffet is bought seperately.

There is limit space on the boat, so book your ticket today to ensure you get to experience this epic race and the magical atmosphere surrounding it.


How to spectate on your own

  • Use the public fast ferry on Friday and back on Sunday. Unfortunately there are no departures on Saturdays.

  • Use the regular tourist sightseeing ferry (520 NOK) departing from Lauvvik(50 min drive from Stavanger) to Flørli on Saturday morning and back on Saturday evening. Unfortunately the last ferry leaves before the prize cermony. The ferry is slow and will stop at several locations along the way, both there and back.

  • You can travel with car to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge on Saturday morning and be there at 8 am. After the teams have passed, you can drive around to Songesand and see the teams passing there. Unfortunately, there is no matching ferry transport from Songesand to Flørli Race Base at this time of the day.