Thursday 13th July
17:30-19:00 Early participant registration at Victoria Hotel (voluntary)

Friday 14th July
15:00-17:00 Participant registration at Victoria Hotel (MANDATORY, if you didn't register on Thursday)
17:30 Dinner at Victoria Hotel for all participants
18:45 Pre-race brief at Victoria Hotel (MANDATORY)

Saturday 15th July
04:30 Breakfast opens for those staying at Victoria Hotel
06:00 Boarding ferry outside Victoria Hotel
06:15 Athlete ferry departure
07:15 Ferry arrival start area
07:30 Start from ferry (athletes jump into the water)
14:30 Expected first team to finish in Flørli (Dinner and shower as Rockmen finishes)
19:50 Expected last team to finish in Flørli
19:00 Prize Ceremony
20:30 Ferry departure from Flørli
22:00 Arrival Stavanger 




To get the best understanding of what the Rockman Adventure is all about, view our videos under the History tab, glimpse through some of the well written race reports from previous participants, and go to our facebook page for the latest updates and pictures. 

This is Rockman Swimrun - Along the path of a Legend

This is the challenge against what locals say is impossible, the battle against one of the most dramatic natures the world has to offer. This is the adventure that will force you to cross crystal clear ice cold fjords, climb longer stairs than you ever thought existed and master rocky mountain plateaus. Your weapons of choice are your team mate, wetsuit, running shoes and your body and mind.

The Rockman racers will follow the path of the Rockman legend that, according to the local myth, brought the Kjerag bolt from the foot of Preikestolen to the Kjerag crack. The course changes as the parts of the myth reveals. 

Find a team mate and get ready to sign up 28th of October 2016 at 12:00 CET.



  • 10 swims, 6 km in total
  • 10 runs, 35 km in total
  • 2500 m elevation gain
  • Fantahålå @ 0 m
  • Pulpit Rock @ 604 m
  • Flørli: 4444 Stairs @ 750 m
  • Dragons Neck @ 1000 m


During Rockman 2017 the exciting story of Rockman will continue along the shores of Lysefjorden where great challenges awaits him.

Rockman 2017 starts with a narrow fjord swim from Fantahålå to the shore where the climb to Revsvatnet where Rockman loved to swim. From Preikestolen mountain lodge continues the journey to the first rock of the test, Preikestolen, where the athletes will turn around and run a rocky climb back down into the fjord. At these shores, the soon to be born Rockmen will perform a swim leg along the fjord before running along a nice path and cutting down to the fjord again.

The longest swim leg continues for 1.7 km across the fjord. The ascent from the cold fjord waters doesn’t give hope for rest when the Rockmen needs to continue the journey with 4444 steps to the sky (750 m in 1 km).  It doesn't stop here, because  the high mountain platau needs to be reached. Rockman went here to get a view reaching all the way home before running the Dragons Neck finished off at the coldest swim of the day.